Other Equipment

Wheel Spinners

acu-tru wheel spinners

Wheel spinners are vital in assessing the extent of damage or lack of structural integrity in a wheel. Our Quickspin Runout Gauges boast extreme durability at the same time offer exceptional performance spinning wheels. They are available in a standalone and table top version. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. these spinners are a vital part of any wheel repair operation.

Reconditioning Lathe

acu-tru reconditioning lathe

The ACU-TRU® Wheel Reconditioning Lathe with Articulated Cutting Bar is perfect for truing a wheel to within factory standards among other extremely useful wheel repair and refinishing functions. Features hex tool and hex tool holder for exacting precision wheel and rim repair. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Restores machined finish to most wheels
  • Repair and lip and edge damage
  • Easily removes corrosion from rim flange
  • Restores polished finish to most wheels

Tire Changer

acu-tru tire changer

Every feature a high volume shop needs. Dual pneumatic assist arms make it very easy to change even the most difficult tires. Can handle wide profile, low profile tires, and run flats. Includes our bead blast technology. The bead blast shoots a powerful blast of air into the sidewall of the tire. This assists in setting beads on tire walls and inflation of the tire. A powerful bead breaker mounted on the side of the tire changer. Includes a steel mount and demount head, a plastic mount and demount head, plastic rim clamp covers, soap tank and application brush, tire tool bar. Everything you need to change almost any tire that comes in your shop.

  • Inside Clamping Distance 16" - 28"
  • Outside Clamping Distance 14" - 26"
  • Max Wheel Width 15"
  • Max Tire Diameter 43"

Wheel Balancer

Wheel Balancer

All computer wheel balancers require the user to input rim diameter, rim width, and the distance of the mounted wheel from the wheel balancer. Requires the user to input all three of these measurements. Requires the user to only enter the wheel width. The other two measurements are automatically entered by simply touching the distance ruler to the mounted wheel. This decreases labor time and user error. Time saved is estimated at 25%. Also includes a foot pedal wheel brake to hold the tire in place while you install the weights.

  • Wheel Size Range 10" - 28"
  • HD LCD Display Screen
  • Rim Width 1.5" - 20"
  • Max Tire Diameter 44"