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Stop Outsourcing Your Wheel Needs!

Customers across the country have come to rely on ACU-TRU® Authorized dealers to provide them with wheel and rim service. Whether it be reselling, repair or reconditioning ACU-TRU® certified dealers are provided the luxury of offering a quality and recognized brand name to their customers. Offer the ACU-TRU® System as a means to instill confidence in your customers while delivering an exceptional product.

Our current dealers include general auto repair shops, collision repair shops, automotive detail shops, used car dealers, rental car agencies, insurance companies and individuals.

ACU-TRU® offers licensing in all 50 states. This is not a franchise, we do not take a royalty. We simply charge a monthly fee for maintaining dealer status. The advantages of being a licensed ACU-TRU® dealer are many, these advantages include:

Regional Exclusivity

Be the only ACU-TRU® within a radius of your business location. As our brand awareness continues to grow regional exclusivity becomes invaluable. If you are the only ACU-TRU® Authorized Dealer in town, you get the client. With an ACU-TRU® license you can advertise the ACU-TRU® Authorized Dealer seal to show that you provide expert wheel and rim service.

Network Inclusion

If you are an ACU-TRU® Authorized Dealer you are automatically included in our dealer network allowing you to sell to and source wheels and services from other ACU-TRU® dealers.


Enhanced online presence through linked custom website design, logo creation, desktop publishing, online store with 3,000 + wheels (upgraded monthly) and custom web design with your logo, content, photos and whatever else you would like. We also own over 150 premium domains that are available to our authorized dealers.

The ACU-TRU® System Initial Single License provides the licensee with exclusive rights to the ACU-TRU® name, likeness, certifications, methods and quality controls for the first year of licensing.

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Continued Training

We provide our authorized dealers with continued training support. If one of dealers needs help with a particular technique they can schedule a training session with us at no cost. We also offer support via email and phone if a visit to our facility is not a possibility.

We are constantly evolving at ACU-TRU® and developing new techniques and innovating new tools for every wheel repair situation. Authorized dealers have access to these techniques at no extra charge in addition to 20% discount on most tools.

Business Support

Discounted wheel repair, discounted wheel sales, technical support, guidance, pricing, training, equipment sales and expanded hour service provided by the main ACU-TRU® facility in Dayton, OH.

Discount of Tools and Accessories

The ACU-TRU® Authorized can purchase tools, spinners and accessories at at 20% discount off the retail price. Our product line is expanding and evolving everyday. You can see some of our more popular products at our online store.

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